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Mike, when is that big four oh?

I'll certainly look for that peanut butter. I looked online and found that Walmart carries it. I've got one just 2 miles from me, so will stop in and see if they have it. Thanks for the tip.

In addition to going to the gym three days a week DH also walks 3 miles in 45 minutes 3 days a week. Ah, I'll have to tell him what you said about it being harder at his age to build muscle mass. He does several machines at the Y and does bench press but I don't know how much he does. There's a staffer there who sort of looks after the senior citizens, so that puts my mind at ease.

I already have glaucoma and it's aggravating to deal with. I've lost a lot of my basement (straight down) vision and have to remember to survey the floor or path before walking so I don't trip and fall. I've fallen outside only once and sustained only a bloody knee, but forgetting to survey the sunken living room floor has caused me to fall up the two shallow steps more than a few times. Luckily we have thick padding under the carpeting. That helps a lot. But I'm fortunate to have lost only basement vision so far and still have great peripheral vision. I'd go nuts without being able to drive.

I'm looking forward to turning 65 in July. Then I'll be joining the Y under the Humana Medicare Advantage Silver Sneakers program. The Y is only 2.5 miles from our house. But I'm more interested in classes--especially step aerobics and spinning, and something for flexibility. I know about yoga classes but am hoping for something a little easier for senior citizens--I'm sure there will be something. Machines aren't my cup of tea, but I'll be open to suggestions when I join.

There may be women at the Y scoping out my beau, eh? Maybe I'd better ask if he's interested in water aerobics.
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