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64rhoda, I'm sure you did the best you could with what you had to work with. Eating out IS difficult. Enjoy your quiet time for the next two weeks!

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start. Today was crazy with contractors in and out...I didn't get in any exercise until 10:40, when I made myself get on the treadmill and run for 35 minutes. It wasn't my best effort, but it was all I had and it was better than nothing. Tomorrow we have a barbecue to attend, so hoping there are some good choices there. I'm taking homemade cornbread and a big fruit salad, so at least I know what's in those.

Today was:

1. Average a 500 cal deficit daily. 679, 600, 516, 414, 495
2. Keep carbs at 45%; no more than 50. 49%, 45%, 47%, 44%, 50%
3. Exercise daily (need it, for #1) Yes (weights), Yes (tennis), Yes (50 min run), Yes (weights), Yes (35 min run)
4. 5 fruits and veggies daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, NO
5. Sleep 7 hours nightly. Very bad 5:15, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
6. 3 sports bottles of water daily. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
7. Stay off the scale till Monday. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, but I really want to check!
8. Snack smart: no trigger foods disguised as "snacks." Forgot, but did okay snacking, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

9. One office organizational task five out of seven days. This was not the day, Yes, Not today, No and I've really got to get back into this habit! Somebody bust my chops about it, please! Yes
10. Paint one room of trim by end of weekend.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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