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I'm sorry, I posted my salmon panini in the wrong place...newbie...

Love this thread!!! I started about 2 years ago to learn how to make things from scratch. One Christmas I had to have a Kitchen Aide w/a pasta attachment so I could learn how to make yoke less pasta. Ended up not working and I lost ambition. Now I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of the machine!

It all started about 2 years ago, when my husband ordered a goat cheese, pecan, pear, dried cranberry green salad in Fairbanks, Alaska. I'd just gotten my weight down to 158 before leaving on a trip of Alaskan cruise! Fairbanks was the last stop before flying back south.

I turned 40 that year and by June, was fatigued and searching for answers. My first step was giving up the Diet Dr Pepper...then we got a juicer. Found out we CAN get all our nutrition from food! Alaska was fun as we searched for the best dark chocolate at each port! After all, one piece of day is suppose to be good for you! When we returned home that pasta attachment came out and I started making this time I learned it wasn't fat free that I needed but the Mediterranean Diet...healthiest in all of the world! The least amount of heart disease and diabetes. We began eating better than ever and guess what? You can gain weight eating really well It's been nearly a 2 year process but we are a processed food free home. Yes, on occasion we do eat out and I can't control every morsel that my family eats but I typically choose sushi. I will treat ourselves to an occasional frozen yogurt from Costco too!

I live in Mexico and I don't know anyone that grinds their own wheat berry here, but what i've learned is that there is soft(white)wheat berry and hard(red) wheat berry. We can only get soft which is used for pastries. So I have to add wheat glutton or it will crumble apart. I tried grinding tapioca but it didn't work well for me. I add 1/4 cup of wheat glutton to 1 kilo of whole wheat flour. During the holidays, for times sake, my husband bought me an imported bag of Gold's Medal whole wheat flour!! That stuff is great! Maybe that's bread flour??? My whole wheat honey bread is amazing! BUT, I have a new love for sandwiches!!! I recently learned how to make rosemary focaccia bread, whole wheat of course. It's amazing flat bread for making panini sandwiches. Costco here is selling a panini press so we are in "business!" Focaccia bread, in case you didn't know & I just learned, has a similar texture/taste to a sour dough bread but it's easier to make the "sponge."

I love this topic and hope I'll be welcome here as I don't have a great outlet for it and am pretty passionate about the subject.

The only thing I need to learn how to make is mustard and frozen strawberry jam. My raw ketchup tastes like cardboard and the bbq sauce lacks the "liquid smoke" which I can't get and am not sure it's good for us anyway. We strictly use local raw honey except for Thanksgiving through New Years. The only time of year I buy sugar. God made sugar too, it's just not good for us all of the time. Can't very well make powdered sugar from honey either...although I can make powdered sugar. IF we eat it, I make it. Plain and simple though.

One thing has lead to the other. Learning how to make garlic sauce I learned how to make homemade mayo! Wanting to make the ketchup, I learned where whey came from and learned how to make cream cheese & greek yogurt from homemade natural yogurt. Making pasta is very therapeutic too!

The last two processed food items to go was coffeemate. It was replaced with homemade almond milk, which means I learned how to make almond flour with the left over meat...makes yummy hot cakes topped w/raw honey!

And the very last thing was store bought cereal. We buy oat groats. Those are the whole oats before they cut them to steel cut oats or steam and flatten them for oatmeal. I make a creamy porridge with 1/2 whole milk & 1/2 water...good cold or hot. Porridge is the first cereal! Only problem is that we can't get them clean like in the states. We're actually eating bird seed!!!!! I have to spend a lot of time picking out the hull and it takes me 2 hours to pick it out to make granola!

I also make pretzels and bagels ) It's a fun adventure!
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