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acameron34, welcome! Great goals--wishing you continued success!

Mike, so glad your tornados are gone! So sad about being about a year after Katrina before you heard another bird. I'd miss that terribly! Hey, good idea! Maybe I'll reward myself with a new pair of walking shoes when I make it up to 1.5 miles. I wonder if they have women's size 7 with Hannah Montana on them--'twould match my mp3 player. LOL Yup, at age 64, 40 year olds are just kids. I could just see you climbing on the front of the shopping cart. LOL I don't know anything about iphones, but it's not off topic since you can take progress pics with it. Anyway, casual conversation here is a nice change of pace sometimes.

jjeand, totally awesome that you're out of the obese range!!! I'm well into the obese range and someday I'll be celebrating as you did.

Almeeker I about fell off my chair laughing at your post: "...I do most of my cardio workouts on the elliptical, so I've given myself the opposite problem, big boobs and no ass. I'm built like a 12 year old football player, with his shoulder pads strapped on wrong." OMG "oh-beast"--so cute.

Cassie, yes, walnuts and flax seeds are on the list of good sources of Omega-3 I found on the Internet. Thanks. I read your husband's quote right after Almeeker's: "My husband says that with a boy, we only have to worry about one penis; if we had a girl, we'd have to worry about all of them." Oh, wow, that's hilarious! Congrats on re-sculpting your body and getting rid of the pear shape! That takes a huge amount of work! Inspirational, girl!

Terri, so glad you had one finger that "escaped the carnage." Quite a wonder that the purple line doesn't hurt! Thanks for the kudos. I accept all with a smile. Truly, it's so encouraging to me, being one of the oldest here, doing the least amount of exercise, and being recognized for my efforts. You all make me feel so good. I'm glad I'm here.
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