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Thanks everyone for your support and positive replies.
Already 4 days into this, I feel healthier. Happier.
There's boost of self-esteem, waking up everyday knowing that i'm not going to give up, that i have a goal for my life.
And going to bed at night knowing that I've done a good job for my health
I shower & brush my teeth more, and even have done a few extra chores around the house. Haven't forgot to take my vitamins. Brush my hair twice a day. Even have been flossing.
I know these are basic hygiene, but I was so depressed for so long, I really let a lot of things slide. I'm taking care of my health, and it is having a domino effect
Some of this started at the beginning of this year. But a huge amount of it is from only 4 days ago. I found this site, and I really was so touched to see SO MANY PEOPLE who have lost weight, whether its 5 pounds or 300 pounds. To see that I can track everything in 1 place, talk to people about it, have some support, has caused a huge amount of motivation for me. I realized I can do this for the first time I'm not just "gunna sorta try"
This site is now really special to me, and every person here in the forums really has helped me a lot. <3

P.S the name Misery, really suits me a lot most of the time.. usually when I'm alone, and slightly bored. I get really down quite often. But as 01gt4.6 (Mike) said = I might have to change the name someday.
★Misery, 19, Female, 5'6"★

•Start weight: around 250 on 03/07/2011
•Current weight: 238.0 on 05/23/2011
•Main goal : be 150lb by 03/07/2012

♦Weight lost so far : 12lb

♥Mini goal:
24 pounds lighter (217lb) by July 4th for the Fourth of July 10% challenge! (started challenge at 241.8)

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