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There are some foods I know I have a really hard time not overindulging in. If I am absolutely dying for them I'll go buy one serving, then I'm not tempted to finish the whole pkg. Harder when someone else is bringing the food into the house though.

On another note... I hit the last hole on my belt today..


Fitday Start weight 263.6 lbs Jan 3/11
Current weight 243.6 May 23
Pounds lost 20

Next mini goal under 230lbs by August 15/11
Mini goal under 250lbs by Feb 14/11 Met!!!
Exercise goal walk/run a 5k by July/11(5min run/2min walk intervals)MET!!!
Ultimate goal 160 Jan 2012

“If at first you don’t succeed, you are running about average.” ~M.H. Alderson
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