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My advice, is to indulge. But control your indulgence, don't let it control you (which in my experience is just what'll eventually happen if you suppress the cravings long enough). Go ahead have a serving every now and then. Just be sure to log the calories for it, and you'll be fine. I've lost 23 pounds since Jan 20th, and I've denied myself nothing.

Just be careful, and don't let that indulgence become compulsion. Measure out your servings and log all the calories. AND DON'T SKIP MEALS. If you're not allowing yourself enough calories to have an occasional treat in the mix, or to allot some headroom for the occasional hiccup, then you might need to up your daily calories. I eat up to 1800 every day (rarely reach it though). I'd say aim for at least 14 or 1500 calories a day. I've always been told 1200 as the absolute bottom limit.
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