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Thanks again everyone for your encouragment, support, and inspiration.
Today i'm facing a new challenge.
So my mom goes out and comes back with .. not 1 bucket.... BUT 2, of my favourite flavours of Frozen yogurt. Which btw isn't much healther then ICECREAM. .. at 120 calories for only 1/2 a cup, it is challenging me to a duel for sure. Every time i think about "what to have for supper" This pops into my head

Badself = "I could eat 400 calories worth of frozen yogurt instead of supper!"

Goodself = "no i gotta eat something nutritious!"
Badself= "I could take an extra multi vitimin!"
Goodself = "if you taste this stuff... you are going to eat this everyday aren't you?"
Badself = "HELL YEA XD !!! "
Goodself = *throws grenades at bad self*


How do i control myself ..
Does anyone here ever give into these temptations ?

I think i'm gunna have to fit my favourite treat into my calory limit and just have to skip meals or eat very very calory-wise meals. Like plain lettuce for supper.

gunna go work out now, maybe if i burn off more then 120 calories extra i can have some ... -_- sigh
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