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Default Self Introduction


My name is Jessica, but you can call me by my username: Acid Free.
On the contrary, heartburn runs in the family. Sometimes I feel that is going to be the death of me sooner later in life if I don't decide change now. I named myself acid free as a motivator to start and maintain a new egotistical life of not suffering from acid reflux.

I am an overweight (apparently obese) 20 year old woman who is 5.6 and 206 pounds. (According to the scale my mother says doesn't work)

One concern I really have about weight gain is that my father keeps haunting me that couples engaging in sexual activity gains weight rapidly. His reasoning is: "Despite the fact that love making makes you lose calories, it also feeds your endorphins to a point where you crave for some munchies right after. This happens to married and or happily together couples. Man or woman! This includes you and Doug!" (Doug is my boyfriend.) My father is not a nutritionist or in any medical field for that matter so I hope he is wrong.

For a piece of mind to remember: My boyfriend says he doesn't care if I am fat or not. He loves me for whom I am. If anything, he hopes I don't go on a diet so he won't feel obligated to do the same. Probably that is why I have been so care-free about my weight lately because my boyfriend is care-free!

However, for my health's safety sake, I had better change! Sometime in our married future, I'll trick him in to doing the same!

I am Acid Free. Nice to meet you all!
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