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Originally Posted by Misery16226 View Post
I'm glad that the sagging skin isn't a guarantee.
I have to keep telling myself that being slim/healthy is worth any skin problems too And throw any fears and excuses out as soon as I think of them
I am/WAS! the type to make a lot of excuses and problems for myself.
^^Just one habit I'm going to kick. Maybe start seeing the bright side--AND BELIEVING IT IS REAL ..more often. I also gotta stop exaggerating the negatives.
It's wise you're doing this now. I lost oh, 150 lbs or so when I was 19/20 and the excess skin wasn't bad at all. When I did the same thing 15 years later, well, it wasn't so good. Of course, now another 10 years later it's just as bad, if not worse.

So, the moral of the story is that I think you'll be pretty well off this time, and make sure to keep the weight off because "next time" it will likely be much worse.

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