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Thanks for all that great info changeisgood29 .

I've just finished my work out, i went for 30 mins, 2.0 miles (i was going pretty slow at the end lol) but still i feel a little better that i've done it.
I've also been adding up my "calories used" that i havent eatten back and apparently 3500 calories = 1 pound. So as of today I have burned and not replaced over 3500 calories. Hopefully that means i have lost 1 pound of fat. *excited

And you are so right jjeand .. I don't need to be a model! I need to stop comparing myself with celebrities i know those models have NEVER been overweight or OBESE. Plus their job is to look thin and beautiful. As for being younger possibly making my skin less of a problem, i don't think thats the case.. ( i've got stretchmarks etc)
Will keep aiming for more water.
Now that i've caught my breathe gunna go shower and get some stuff done

By the way, Does anyone have mini panic attacks when you see your heart rate go super high? My heart rate was over 200 O.O i kinda freaked out!
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