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Happy to help! I also realized that I should've added that daily weight fluctuations are also normal - so, if you know your eating is on target, don't sweat it, although I know it sucks to see that scale go up, regardless of the reason.

Originally Posted by Misery16226 View Post
Great job almost halfway to your goal weight. You started where I am starting. How did you lose all that weight?
Also Do you have problems with extra skin now since you've lost over 50 ?
Thank you for the kind words - it almost feels a bit odd to be halfway to my goal weight! Hmm... How have I lost the weight? Well, nothing too crazy - eating right and exercising (I know, big shocker). More specifically though, I started by making small changes and working my way up. Instead of getting fast food 2-4X/week, I cut it down to once a week; instead of relying on processed stuff like boxed mac and cheese, I started to cook; I eventually replaced ground beef with ground turkey - you get the idea. Over time, I started to "naturally" make better food choices, and found that I didn't want the crap nearly as much as I used to. I still have a "treat meal" once per week - my husband and I go out to dinner and I pretty much just stay within maintenance calories for one day a week. There are a variety of opinions on "treats;" this is what works for me.

As far as exercise, I started slow and steady - 3-4x a week for 20-30 minutes on the treadmill. When my body didn't feel challenged anymore, I upped the time by 5-10 minutes and/or the incline/speed. After a few months, I really started to LOATHE the treadmill (I'd be bored out of my freakin' mind), so I started to workout at home, which I love. It took me about 6 months from my start date to really get into the groove and find things that I liked - at the moment, I use the PS3, the Wii, and a variety of workout DVD's and have gotten results that I never would've seen at the gym. If you need any recommendations, ask away, lol - I've tried quite a few (although not the really intense ones like P90X, though there are plenty of folks on this site who have). I do recognize that many people prefer going to the gym, and will be the first to say that running in place is not as good as going for a run - but for me, since I'll actually DO it, it's way better for me.

Woo, I've rather rambled on - I did not mean to overwhelm you! If you want any more specifics, please feel free to ask. I would recommend to just really pay attention to what works for you, and to experiment - and to ask, ask, ask questions. Getting healthy, I think, is so overwhelming in the beginning - FitDay is a great resource and many of the people on here have helped me immensely.

You asked about excess skin - there's really only one spot that I have some excess skin, and it's my gut/"pooch", but it's really not that bad. Also, you're younger than me (I'll be 30 next month), so, if you lose the weight slowly and safely (1-2#/week), I think that if you do have any, it won't be that noticeable or "ugly." Strength training can help *a lot* with avoiding excess skin from occurring - this can be as simple as using resistance bands, doing crunches, etc.

I just put a lot out there, but I hope it's of some service. In short, start slow and trust yourself. You can do this. All the information and the fine-tuning will come with time. A year ago, I hated exercising and never would've thought I'd be where I am today. Give yourself the time, freedom and patience to experiment and find what you like and what works for you, and you can achieve anything.
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