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Thank you changeisgood29 , glad if its water.. still going to watch my salt intake although i am not a big fan of salty foods anyways.. i could be overdoing it still. Now i'm actually just making a playlist for my workout thinking i need some angry music. Great job almost halfway to your goal weight. You started where I am starting. How did you lose all that weight?
Thanks for telling me that muscle doesn't weigh more then fat, I've always guessed thats just what moms tell their daughters to make them feel a little less like a fatso !!
Also Do you have problems with extra skin now since you've lost over 50 ? thats something i'm really NOT looking forward to.. But some people have told me that the skin isn't so bad.

I'm interested in anybody's experiences with extra skin actually.. ???

For almost a year i've used the skin as a slight excuse to not lose weight. I know that it can't be worse then fat. but its sorta like oh crap will i have an ugly body no matter what i do? Now i'm doing this for health more then looks.

Anyways i better get to my exercising! Be back soon.
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