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Originally Posted by Misery16226 View Post
I snuck onto the scale early last night and I've actually gained half a pound!?!?!?!?!?!? THAT BETTER JUST BE WATER!
Not to worry, my friend! If your eating has been on track, it most assuredly is just water - it could be from salty food, but if you've just recently started an exercise program, I can just about guarantee it's because your muscles are retaining more water. Any time we embark on an exercise routine, be it a new one or upping the intensity, increased water retention in our muscles is pretty much a given. Once your body is used to the increased activity level, it'll "let go" of any excess water it doesn't need. When I increased my workout frequency and intensity some time ago, my weight shot up 3# that week - and then, the following week, I was down something like 4 or 5 #. Give it time, and don't let something as silly as water cause you to give up.
Also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it takes a pretty long time to build muscle, so it's definitely not that. Also note that muscle does *not* weigh more than fat - it's simply more dense and therefore takes up less room than fat. Just wanted to debunk some common myths. You're doing awesome - show that elliptical what's up and you will see both weight loss and muscle building/definition in due time.
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