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Red face Pregnant on Atkins

Originally Posted by jamsandwichjd View Post
Just curious if there's any critical information in the books that isn't on the Atkins website. I just kicked off an attempt at taking on Atkins today, but I'm not particularly interested in shelling out for diet books.

Until my wife got pregnant (2.5 long years ago), I'd been following a pretty principled GI diet, which works well for me. I fell off the wagon in a huge way (more so now that she's pregnant again and eating accordingly) and I've decided to start taking off some of this extra weight (40 lbs) by doing something a little more restrictive than the GI approach (but with its own appeal, being a little friendlier to fats)... once I get close to my goal weight I'll have to re-evaluate whether Atkins is still right for me, but my understanding is that once you hit the later phases, Atkins and GI share a lot, so maybe that won't be the case.

Anyhow, hope I can take off a big chunk of the weight before the second baby comes.
If your wife is also trying the diet, be careful with this diet when pregnant. In the first book ever published, Dr Atkins himself warns against phase 1 for pregnant women. He states that a modified form of the diet (owl or above) is safer.

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