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So, I'm not the only one in a rut! I, too, am new to FitDay. I am newly married, just over one year to a great man. Unfortunately he doesn't know yet how to give me the emotional pick-up about my weight, that a friend can. He tries, but he's a man and our brains still don't quite sync when it comes to that.

I don't have a life changing story. That's just it. My life feels like it has gone nowhere...yet (I hope it does). I finished my bachelors degree. A very proud moment in my life. Yet that degree still hasn't paid off. I still couldn't live on my own with what I make. I do believe my weight gain has come steadily over the past years due to economical stress. I worry constantly about our bills getting paid and juggling what cutbacks we can make to save money. Health insurance...or not. Phone...or not. 5 months ago we moved 3 1/2 hours away from our families because of a job opportunity for him. I was thrilled to do it as he has worked for this for years. However, this move has left me with no support here. I have made one friend. (It's hard to meet new people when you can't find a job) After finally finding a full time job which I do love, we get to play catch-up on bills. I have never been dependent on anyone but myself. Now I have to learn to depend on my husbands income to mostly carry us. I know just as well as most people that stress holds on weight. So ladies, I need support...and will power...and patience. I have to unload this stress and worry or I cannot unload this weight. I need a buddy to say "hey you can make it 30 mins on the treadmill" or "hang in there, the need to feed for no reason will quiet down". I hope y'alls journeys are as successful as I would like mine to be!

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