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Originally Posted by Skiboy1 View Post
Well here I am. I have had a disturbing set back so I am re-evaluating just how much weight I need to lose. I was using the scale at the gym once a week to keep track as I didn't have a scale at home that would do the trick, it topped out at 300 and I top out at way more than that. Anyway, the scale at the gym said I weighed 367 when I started back on 1/26/11. So I set my goal for 117 pounds, take me to 250, the same weight I was in 1974 when I played high school football, the same weight I was in 1980 when I married my now ex wife. On Sundays weigh in I was 331. Good progress for just about 6 weeks. Well yesterday I went in for my swim and water aerobics class and there was no scale in the locker room. I asked the desk and was told that it "Finally died" and "wasn't accurate" anyway. It could give you 5 pounds one way or another on any given day. So, I went to Costco and got the weight watcher scale from them. This presents me with two challenges. First, keeping off the thing except on Sundays (because daily weigh ins tend to bum me out) and second, the new scale says I really weigh 334. I know its only 3 pounds, but it FEELS like I have to lose those 3 pounds again. Do I go back into my weight chart and add three pounds to each weekly weight to keep the charts right? And more importantly, to keep my head on straight? I think so. Now I am looking at a goal of 120 instead of 117. No big deal, with a start weight of 370, not 367. I just re-read this and it seems so stupid. A head game. BUT, if I didn't stress eat all my life, I wouldn't have 120 to lose. So, the head game is the whole game with me. Thanks for being here. Even though this is just writing my thoughts, it feels real good to get it out knowing that whoever reads this has an understanding of what it's like to be in my shoes. Thanks all.
Well, if it were me, I would simply leave it alone and deal with a slightly smaller loss upon the next weigh in (I assume you'll MORE than lose that "extra" three pounds). This will keep your weight chart from looking like you had a gain (which you didn't really).

I plan to change scales at some point (to one with body fat measurement) and this is what I'll do to deal with any discrepancy.

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