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Originally Posted by dreamergirl27 View Post
Does anyone have any tips on getting motivated to exercise? I keep starting.... problem is I also keep stopping!

I'd like to say a hi to all the newcomers, welcome and good luck

I'm new to this, and I've done a lot of 1 week exercise, 1 month no exercise..
But this time I'm super motivated. I need to do as much as I possibly can to make that 100+ pounds go and I won't give up this time. I was watching some random celebrity fitness thing .. and some celebrities have to work out 4 hours a day. Athletes work out almost constantly. I am having to catch my breath after i run up 2 flights of stairs. There is overwhelming health problems if i stay this way. When I'm exercising i think about all of this.

Try to think when your muscles are burning, that this pain is going to prevent more pain in the future .. Like joint problems, heart problems, even cancer.
Every bit of sweat that you shed, is literally rinsing the toxins out of your body out of your pores. Most of our skins imperfections can be removed from sweating daily. I have acne and dull complexion, darkened tired eyes, when i exercise I am running away from this and toward a healthier me!!
I also think about how walking just 5 miles a week protects the brains structure over our life. Decreasing our chances of developing Alzheimer disease. I'm lucky I'm not diabetic! but i still am at high risk to be diabetic! Anyone who is diabetic, or at risk knows how terrifying that is. You have huge risks of blindness, infertility, and even early death ETC. Not to mention Mental disorders like anxiety and depression which i already suffer from.

I think of how embarrassed i get over things like.. if someone knows I'm using the bathroom. Imagine what it would be like if someone has to change me and bath me and having bags collecting my wastes hanging off my body...!!! How embarrassing if i have children sometime in my life, they'd have to see me unable to take care of myself. They'd probably hate me in some ways, seeing how i haven't kept myself healthy. If i died because of my own laziness... the shame i would bring on myself. Sadness of my family that could be prevented.

So many terrifying problems that can be improved and prevented just by exercising every day. This is what i thought about the last 2 days of my exercising, and every time I've exercised. So every muscle ache, and overheating, and nausea, and cramp,and throat burning.. etc i just remind myself that even this will decrease after my body gets used to exercising.
The absolute only solution to my problems is to exercise.

This is what i have to keep remembering, and thinking about to build an exercise habit. Same for eating right as well.

Anyways I hope all of this helps you be motivated to exercise. If not look up other health effects of being overweight, or just simply inactive.. no matter how thin someone is, they still need to be active.

Also listen to some of your fav music while you are working out.

P.S I'm sure everyone here is cheering you on every time they see a post from you they are thinking/ sometimes saying "YOU CAN DO IT !!!" !!! ! for sure I am!
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