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Default How to create a custom food for weight or measure

There may be an easier way or you may have other tips, if so please chime in.

Many people have asked in the past about making a custom food that you would normally weight or measure. Basically not as the default "serving".

For weight:
1) click on the food tab
2) click on Create A Custom Food (on the left hand side)
3) enter the name of the food to be saved
5) scroll down and click Create This Food
6) now go back up to amount and enter what ever the serving size is on the package. Lets say you are doing a bag of mixed veggies that you usually eat. The bag says that the serving size is 85 grams. For amount enter 85, the click the drop down arrow next to serving size and select grams.
7) click Edit This Food
8) now enter all the data on the label
9) click Create This Food

now the next time you go to use this and you use, lets say... 113 grams, it will automatically calculate it for you.

For Measurement:
Lets assume that you don't want to weigh your food but have a set of measuring cups. Well you may have noticed in the previous example that "Cups, tsp, ect." wasn't an option. This is where you get creative. Think of something that gets measured and enter it into the food search. For this example do a search for vanilla extract.
1) click on the name of the food (not Add To Food Log), the nutrition info for the food comes up and you can click the drop down box next to "cup" and see all kind of measuring options.
2) click Customize This Food
3) Enter the name of YOUR food
4) If you want to keep it as "cup" just click Edit This Food and change the Nutrition Facts and click Create This Food and you are done.
5) If you want to save it with a different way of measuring then change in to "tsp, tbsp" or what ever you want, then just click Edit This Food and change the Nutrition Facts and click Create This Food and you are done.

If there is something that you want to created by fluid ounce... same thing, do a search for maybe V8 Juice and customize it just like everything else.

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