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Good job losing almost 10 pounds in only 2 weeks, that's really a great start wildbeanerz!

I have just finished a 30 min work out, I pushed myself hard today .. felt like I was going to puke after .. but even if I don't lose weight right away, I know I will improve my fitness everyday and not feel so bummed out towards exercise!
I'm glad I quit smoking 6 months ago or I'd probably be having an even harder time running. I did better today than yesterday . Yesterday I did 6 mins of jogging, then 20 mins a few hours later.. I couldn't push myself past the first 6 minutes that first time. Eating a healthier breakfast today probably helped. and I've already drank 5 cups of water today. For dinner I'm going to eat a salad, with organic romaine lettuce, baby tomatoes, and cucumber, with a fillet of dill seasoned salmon. The only bad part is the salad dressing, I'll only use a tiny bit. It helps to say it publicly so I don't cheat. When I keep my plans to myself I don't take them as seriously. I'm going to come here everyday.
I really hope I don't annoy anyone !
&& by the way.. how do you make that signature Michael ? .. I'd like to make one too if that's okay. <3
Your signature that looks like this ..
with your weight loss awesomeness
and your goals
Do you type this every time or is there a way to make that permanent ??
I'm a noob

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