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You might try some of the Rachel Ray 30 minute meal cookbooks, once you get the hang of fast cooking it's pretty easy to whip it up night after night. Most of the frozen boxed stuff takes at least that long to cook in a conventional oven, and seriously if he has taste buds, once he gets a taste for home cooking, he will stop asking for the frozen box stuff. Other things you might try are crock pot meals, you toss everything in the crockpot in the morning, go away all day and ta-da, dinner is done and it was faster than the frozen box micro, or at least it will seem like it at dinner time. The other thing you can do is make food on one of your days off and box or bag it up, write directions on it and toss it in the freezer. You're happy because it's healthy and he's happy because it's in his comfort zone for preparing and speed.
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