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Hello, i'm new here.
First off, Congrats everyone on losing weight, you have obviously had to work very hard, and you managed to keep at it! Thats amazing, and you have all earned a ton of respect, and i look up to every one of you. I'll be here to support as much as i can. And i really am happy to see that i'm not entirely alone in this.
I have 100 pounds to lose before i'm in the "normal healthy BMI" range.. and then i will hopefully lose some more after, i would rather be closer to under-weight then overweight. So i'm aimming to be on the safe but low end of "healthy body weight" But for now, 100 seems like a big enough number *faints!*
I am motivated to lose this weight within 1 year. Losing weight can only mean good things for me. Today i ran for 26 mins on the elliptical machine. Tomorrow i'm aimming for 30. I realy need this kind of a community right now, any help or advice, or even just a messege to me will be very appreciated.
I'm kind of hoping to have a friend in this. or someone who wants to just talk to me once in a while. Thats all

~ Misery
~ 250lbs
~ 19 years old
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