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Hi everyone. Next week is our last weigh in for this round. I will post for our final weigh in and then post another thread for anyone new or anyone who wants to continue with the next 6 week round.

I will try to get the results posted late tonight for this week. If I don't get it done tonight - it probably won't be until Sunday. My sons Boy Scout chili supper is tomorrow and I have to cook from 8 tomorrow morning until 8 tomorrow night and it will be a LONG day!

To anyone who hasn't weighed in yet- get with it!


PS- Gnattylove- if you read the thread "I lost 160lbs" under the "Success Stories" forum it kind of outlines what I have been doing in post #24. I haven't lost 185lbs YET. I have lost 169. I want to weigh 160 by May 1st and when (not if ) I do- I will have lost 185.

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