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Hi Garry, You ARE doing good. We all want fast results but getting healthy takes time and hard work. Congratulations for making it thru the hardest part already! In time things will get much easier for you and you will also discover that it is easier to add more "healthy" foods such as fruits and vegetables. You really want to be adding more variety to your meals for the nutrients you get from them and because that will keep you happy. Every week try to add in a different thing...maybe this week you add 2 vegetables instead of just one for supper and so on. It's okay of the portions are small at first. Your body will still enjoy the vegetables. Try to get used to them as plain as butter for example. 2 bites of spinach without butter is better for you then 20 bites with butter!!

You might want to try to get away from cereal. Not sure what type you are eating but there are much better foods out there for you for breakfast. Have eggs and cantalope or greek yogurt and blueberries. You can even save some grilled chicken from dinner and have that with your eggs or make real oatmeal and top with cinnamon and a spoon of chopped walnuts. There really are so many possibilites. Cottage cheese is an easy protein food to use. Mix in some hummus and it makes a great sandwich spread full of protein. Let your focus be on trying something different in your meals especially vegetables and fruits. And keep some chopped vegetables in the fridge so you can grab a handful to add when you are cooking something. You can put chopped red peppers in your eggs when you cook them or chopped tomato in your eggs. You can use them on your sandwiches too. The easier you make it for yourself to just have everything ready to be used then it becomes easier to add in a new vegetable every week. That makes you healthier and your body will function better..and make it easier to lose weight.

Good for you for starting exercising! But you need to keep adding on to that too. 15 minutes is great for someone just starting out but you are getting more used to that so start adding on a couple minutes. Try to go for 17 minutes this week and 20 minutes next week. Consider doing some twice a day on some days.

Find new ways to move too. Try to walk more! If you go to the market walk around the entire store before you even put anything in your cart. The next week walk the whole store and go up and down a couple aisles too and then go back to the door area and start your shopping. In time you will see you can easily add in little bits of exercise and not notice it. Every pound you lose makes it that much easier to be active. Remember you ARE doing great! Don't give up on yourself and PLEASE think about NOT having a day off from dieting...instead add a certain amount of extra calories to that one day such as every other week have 400 calories extra from a HEALTHY treat. Be careful not to have junkfood in the house and try to add more water each day too. Little changes here and there add up to big changes at the end of a couple weeks. Have a small plan each week for a way to make little improvements to your eating and exercising and you will be feeling like a new man fast!!

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