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Soy is naturally high in free glumatic acid (msg) so really anything soy at least to those allergic to msg should avoid it,really everyone should avoid msg its a neuro toxin.With that said there is a short list of foods that have naturally occuring msg in them,with me for example I love tomato sauce and salsa but if I let the sauce boil to long on a high heat it will release alot of free glumatic acid from the tommato sauce resulting in heart palpatations ,high blood pressure and other things.Soy beans might be ok if you eat them like at a japanese restaurant.The more processed a food is the worse it becomes.Some say stevia is ok for you and has less calories,our body knows sweet things and thats it so if you eat it expect an insulin spike because its sweet.Mercury is naturally occuring that doesnt mean its ok to eat it.I could type for days on stuff like this but I will stop for now.
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Great informative sites on MSG.

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