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Ah, 30kgs seems more like it. And yeah, I use kilos, too, so I have to get on a converter to post here so everyone knows what I'm talking about. It's okay with smaller numbers to give it a rough 2lbs per kg, but when you get into bigger numbers, the difference is so much more vast, hey?

What kind of dancing do you do?

And I know what you mean about getting restless now - I've only been back into the exercise for a few weeks now, but I had three days off over the weekend; by Sunday night, I was all twitchy and my muscles ached from not being used - so tired by 11pm, but full of unused energy. I probably could have removed my butt from the computer chair and done something constructive - instead, I chose to complain about it in hopes of gaining a sympathy massage. No, by the way, it didn't work.

Familiarity - not sure (ever been to Australia? ). Probably the 'you look like a celebrity' choice. Although I'll join the ranks of not knowing which one.

How is your tummy coming along with Insanity, now? Is it getting a little smaller? Still too early to tell?

I've read up a fair bit on nutritional requirements for this program, and everything says you need more food, more food, more food. I guess I'll just see how it goes and, of course, up the intake because I know 1000 isn't enough and probably isn't right now with the exercise I'm currently doing. I'll have a look through the nutritional guide and see how I can tweak it - generally food guides from exercise videos contain some ingredients that are hard to get in Australia, or ridiculously expensive, where it is much more readily available/affordable in America.

Well, an average KFC meal contains 1000 calories. I'd be happy to have a finger lickin' dinner every night if 999 of those calories weren't derived from fat . . .

My copy of P90X was won last night on eBay, so I'll probably have it by the end of the week. I am so very much looking forward to it. I'll have to do some before and after pics, too.
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