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I know I'm wordy, but I just had another thought that might help. Try adding a protein to breakfast: an egg, yogurt, or something. It will stay with you longer. And switch one of your fruit snacks to a handful of almonds (20, not 50). Maybe instead of a sandwich, go for half the bread and more meat? Or, if you're near a SubWay, grab a six inch sub and pile on the veggies. You can get a lot of food into 280 calories doing this and also get your vegetables. Stick with the low-cal/low-fat dressings. Vary your entrée at suppertime so you don't get bored. If you're dying for something sweet, calorie-free Jello and lowfat yogurt (maybe with some crunchy cereal on top?) can help you get past that craving. Variety in textures and tastes helps a lot.
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