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Default Finding time?

Any other crazy busy moms or dads out there having a really hard time fitting exercise into their schedule? I just don't know what to do. I work 7-4 then pick up the kids rush home cook and eat supper. Bedtime for them is 8 so after supper we sqeeze in homework, games, baths, together time and then off to bed for them. except my daughter (3) doesn't like to stay in bed so I fight with her for 1 1/2 hours almost every night to get her to stay in bed. My plan was to do a tape after they went to bed at 8 so thats not happening with her not going to bed and staying there. I already get up @ 5 every morning to get ready for work so I can't get up much earlier or I might as well not go to bed. My DH works nights 5pm-2:30 or 4:00am So he's not home to help with bedtime drama anymore. I just don't know what to do other then tie her into her room at night. Not an option. If it were warmer we'd go out after supper and walk or play at the park or something but I'm just stuck. Anybody got any helpful ideas? Please...
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