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Thanks for the reply. I am not saying that the weight loss I have experienced is not good, I just expected more. I have completely changed my diet and exercise life and have really put forth a lot of effort.

It is like a video game for me so I do track all food I intake. With the exception of Saturday where I choose to use as a splurge day. However, I cannot believe an intake of 4000 calories as apposed to 2000 on Saturday would cause my weekly weigh ins to be so low.

I might be a little Carb heavy with my sandwich's, but I always was told Calories in / Calories out was all I need to focus on. I hate to have to start looking at fat and other stuff.

I did also start taking a multi vitamin about half way through February and hope that has nothing to do with it.

My water intake is good in my opinion. I have a 32 oz cup on my desk at work that I drink at least 2 sometimes 3 of a day. Then I have 24 oz cup I use for water at home for meals. I have even stopped drinking fruit juice that I love in hopes that helps. I have tried Diet Dr. Pepper since it has Zero calories, but probably only 3 a week.

I have shared my journal I think:

So if anyone has any helpful suggestions I would be greatful. I am dedicated to making this positive change in my life.

Age: 34, Sex: Male, Height: 6'4
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First Goal 05/31/2011: 399lbs
Goal Weight: 250lbs
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