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Garry, hi and welcome to FitDay and the forums!

While 20 lbs isn't bad, I agree that you might expect to see a bigger loss at your weight (I know, I was there and then some 10 short monts ago).

While I can't see your food logs (unless you care to share them), it "sounds" like you're fairly heavy on the carbs. Personally, I've found pretty good success with a 40/30/30 calorie mix (carbs/protein/fat).

I would restart the exercise--any small gains are temporary and caused by inflammation that will pass. The calories you burn and any muscle mass you save/make will be a blessing both now and when you get down to your goal weight.

Now, are you being brutally honest about tracking calories? Weighing and measuring and logging every single thing you eat/drink? Hey, guys like us don't get to be over 400 pounds by making wise portion/food decisions.

Because, at the end of the day, this whole deal pretty much boils down to calories in vs. calories out. At your weight (IDK your age/height) you should be burning up to 4,000 calories a day (that's what I figure I was burning when I was over 400 lbs.--now I'm down to around 3,000). IF you are truly eating 2,000 a day your loss "should" be around 4 lbs. a week, on average.

Personally, I like an even bigger calorie deficit, if you can be comfortable on it (I can, with wise food choices) and shoot for 1500 calories (not going over 1600). I've done this for 10 months now with pretty decent results. That would get you, on average, around a 5lbs a week loss.

Also, how much water are you drinking? I do at least a gallon a day and should drink more. Within reason, the more you drink the faster you lose.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help.


PS You might check out our "100 + pounds to lose" theard in the Diet Tips forum--there are a bunch of us that are/have been where you're at.
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