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Default Same thing here

Hey man...I am in the same boat as you pretty much. I am 6' 0" and weigh about 261 right now. I am a little taller and a little heavier so we are probably about the same build and everyone is always shocked at how much I weigh. I have the same thing as you...alot of muscle under hoseshit fat along my midsection and chest. About 5 years ago now I joined Weight Watchers and lost 140 pounds in a year and a half (I used to be about 345 when I got out of college and started and I was 21 at the time...a very overweight person). I was down to around 205 and I still needed to lose. I am shooting right now to get down to that 200 number and I think I will still want to go more. When I was down to that 205 I should have gone more. I got off and like most people the weight crept up again but I am getting back into eating right again so at least I didn't let it get out of control again. Food for thought...I think you should shoot for that 200 and see what you look like...if you think you are too thin then bulk up the muscle and don't gain weight and be a ripped 200.

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