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Default Book Recommendation

This thread reminds me...there are a ton of "pop psychology" books out about families, relationships, etc., but some of the best I have ever read are by John Bradshaw. There is one called Bradshaw on: The Family and it is excellent (and I can say that as someone in the mental health field).

Some of us have dysfunctional families, some of us don't. But for those who use food as a source of comfort and coping, it can often be traced back to family patterns and Bradshaw illustrates how. He also provides a lot of insight into how to identify codependent behaviors (these can range from giving in to protect the feelings of others, doing things you really don't want to do in order to keep the peace, and enaging in self-destructive coping skills like overeating and other indulgences). He also walks you through how to stop it.

I found the Bradshaw books during a time in my life when I felt out of control about a lot of things. Haven't felt that way since.

If it sounds like this might apply, pick it up and have a read. I found mine in the library but liked them so much I bought them.

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