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Hi ladies, I am Heather, but my firends call me Gibby. found this site by accident while looking for low fat recipes three days ago, and I am loving it. so much easier than my paper food diaries, and calculator! I am a complete yoyo diets, so when people ask me how much weight I have lost, i have no idea what to tell them, I can say my highest weight was 210, and lowest since high school was 160, right now i am sitting at about 177, and have been in a gain three lose -three pattern since the fall. It used to be that I would let things slide until I got a big wake up call when the scale hit 200 then i would serously hit the diet and excercise until I had lost some weight. then when the compliments started rolling in, i would let things slide again. I excercise very sporatically, and know if I could incorporate this inot my life regularly I would be so much better off. Well I could go on and on, but i will check back in a few days.
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