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I haven't noticed a gigantic change in the shape of my body or anything like that, but I do note that I feel more balanced and peaceful throughout the day.

Largely, this is coming down to two things for me:

1) I have had stomach/digestive troubles since I was a baby. My mother loves to tell stories of how she was constantly switching me around on my diet (breast milk/soy formula/regular formula) because I seemed to develop an allergy to one or another at whim. I'm not lactose intolerant, nor do I have food allergies as an adult, but I simply have a very sensitive and reactive stomach. Since I've started on Fitday, those troubles have virtually disappeared. I didn't know what it was like, really and truly, to go a day without having stomach distress. It's a lovely feeling.

2) I don't WANT to sit around and do nothing anymore. I'm more active around my house. I used to plunk my body down in front of the TV or computer the moment I got home and heave a sigh of relief. Now I don't want to unless it's productive. I've taken up crafts again. I go out on weekends. I have the energy to do this. I *love* it.

However, the compliments of "You look like you're losing weight!" are nice too!
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