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Zaldabus, you look great! Fit. Well done. Particularly with your 'hehehe, I'm sexy now, look at me' expression . Actually, it looks like you've lost more than 30lbs. I would be interested in seeing a post-Insanity photo, too. So you're saying the weight loss evident is purely due to a healthy diet and that particular program? I'm really quite looking forward to getting it, now, though I'm a little daunted at the prospect of consuming 2000 calories a day. Now I'm eating healthily and have a lose-weight mindset, I'm pushing to reach 1000. Nutritious food is so much more filling. What's with that? And living in the Japanese countryside . . . is it as beautiful as the movies say it is? By the way, you look familiar . . .

Geoffers, that's a good idea, and easy to rig up on the verandah or something. Thanks for the tip.

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