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Originally Posted by behaze View Post
The dumbbells aren't a problem, but the chin-up bar is. We have only two doors that would hold the bar; one is the door to my 10mo's bedroom (he is usually asleep while I'm exercising) and the other is to my 8yo's bedroom. They're both a bit of a distance from the loungeroom. Aside from that, we're in a rental house, so I don't think they'd be too happy if we started putting holes in doorways. Having seen the DVDs, can you tell me if there is some other exercise alternative for the pull-ups? If not, I might have to look into some type of small, cheap free-standing one.

It would be great to see some photos once you've figured out how to upload them.
You could try rows. Attach a rope to something at shoulder height, then pull it taut, lean back so your arms are straight then pull yourself back up. The more of an angle you make when you lean back, the harder the exercise.
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