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Default High heart rate while running

Hi guys,

I've just posted this question in another thread, then realized that it might be a good idea to get more people to see it. Anyways, I'm a runner who has now tried for the very first time her running buddy's heart rate monitor.
We changed his stats to mine (I'm 5'5, female and 29 y/o) and found out that we've got pretty much the same "optimal training pulse range" (between 123 and 163 beats per minute). That's one thing I find confusing. He is a lot taller (183 cm) and heavier (about 100 kgs), but one year younger.
For 10 ks we needed about 1.15 hours, that's what we've been running continuously since January (we started running in October, doing 8ks and have since upped it to 10 ks). However, the monitor informed me that I was above the recommended range for more than 45 minutes. My pulse was often somewhere between 150 to almost 170. Does that mean that we are still going to fast for my heart's liking? Do I need to bother at all? Do I need to slow down? Do i need to practice more often? (we usually run twice a week) I feel fine and energetic during the runs, not exhausted or nauseous.
My resting pulse rate is 119/120.

Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Molly
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