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Originally Posted by behaze View Post
It would be great to see some photos once you've figured out how to upload them.
Alright, you've convinced me to upload some pictures. After all, a big part of my success has come from this site. Note, I'm not intentionally covering my face in the first picture, I just didn't know how to take a good shot at the time.

The post shot is a few weeks ago right after I finished P90X, you can see the stomach I'm talking about.

Having seen the DVDs, can you tell me if there is some other exercise alternative for the pull-ups? If not, I might have to look into some type of small, cheap free-standing one.
You can also use resistance bands to do the pull-up moves. I think you have to attach it to the ceiling somehow, I'm not sure. I have a workout bench with a pull-up bar on it that I use for those exercises. People over at Beachbody might be able to give better advice as I'm sure you're situation isn't uncommon.

Tandoorichicken, your dietary plan sounds similar to what I follow. I started adding more carbs post-exercise towards the end of my P90X circuit for resistance days, and I noticed huge jumps in muscle growth. Do you think 1g/lb of lean mass of protein per day is sufficient though? I've just started reading up on muscle hypertrophy training so I definitely don't feel qualified to give my own opinion yet, but what I've read so far suggests more towards 1.5g/lb

I'll look into Jim Wendler's Program. My biggest limit for muscle training so far has been that there is no gym where I live (currently living in the countryside out in Japan) so I have to do it all from my home. I have a workout bench with about 150kg of adjustable weights, which I've been able to make decent use of so far.
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