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Default Wednesday

Well I had to bail on Vegan Tuesdays, so this week is Vegan Wednesday! I knew the restaurant I'd be eating at for launch with a client would not be able to cut the vegan requirement. Lettuce on a roll is not a lunch. Besides, I had new homemade chocolate chip ice cream to sample that evening.

Today's vegan activities are the same as usual with some Vegan Summer Squash Soup from the freezer instead of the lentil soup. I'm really craving my vegan Rice & Beans or even the Vegan White Bean & Kale soup from Vegucating Robin. Yum!

I'm sort of in the closet on the whole thing. I used to have a standing joke at restaurants that I would just have water since I was vegan. Now that I am eating vegan on certain days I feel like I have to make excuses for why I am not eating lunch with people. Funny, isn't it?
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