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Monday night I was at the doctor's to get my B12 shot (I have a deficiency and need monthly shots or I feel pretty cruddy). I told him about the lifestyle change, and the weight loss and asked him if he could take my blood pressure.

I just about died when it said 140/88. Then he said it was probably nerves, and I said the cuff had been hurting my arm. He tried my left arm, and it was 125/80. So he laughs, and goes, "well...that CAN happen", and goes back to my other arm again, and it said 132/80-something. He said technically he's supposed to take the highest measurement. I said, "can't we just go with the left arm measurement?" lol.

He asked if I wanted him to weigh me so we could track it, but since it was the first day of my TOM, I said, "heck no, not today!" Frustrated I'm going to have to wait for another few days before I have any idea what weight loss I've had. Right now the scale is stuck at 236.2, but then again I knew better than to step on it this week!

Congrats on all the losses so far this week, you guys are doing awesome.
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2nd mini goal, 10% body weight: 224.4lbs by June 1st
Goal weight: 135lbs
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