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Default Feature request (navigation)

I'm using the online version of the software (would LOVE a personal copy, but I have a Mac), and there is one thing that drives me absolutely batty: I would love a drop-down calendar that allows me to easily navigate to another month.

An example would be in Google Calendars: you can quickly click to another month in the mini-calendar on the left, and then click the month name to load and see that full month.

With Fitday, (unless I'm missing something!), if I want to look at my food log from June of 2008, for example, I have to:
1. Go to the Calendar tab to get to the current month
2. then click the previous month's name and wait for that month's calendar to load
3. repeat endlessly through 18 or so months. Bah!

Is there an easier way to "get around" in Fitday? Is there such a feature in Fitday PC? Is a solution in development?

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