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Thanks guys, I appreciate all your responses!

Stacey, I'm not sure if I'd call it loose skin. There is substance to it, although there's very little to hold onto anymore. I also lost the weight gradually over several months and I'm only 25 so I wouldn't expect to have that kind of problem.

Hang in there by the way, you've already gotten past the first month, so from here on out it should just be running down the path!

Lizzy, you pretty much hit it dead on the nail. I've got solid abs underneath with some nice obliques forming up, but that last little bit of pudge is keeping them from shining through. Why, oh why can't we spot burn fat!

Tandoorichicken, that seems like pretty solid advice. Right now my main circuit is the Beachbody Insanity program, but after that I want to shift focus from fat burning to muscle building. Any advice you can give? I'm especially curious about the dietary aspect, as up until now I've had it oriented more towards burning fat than anything else.
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