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Smile Best time to weigh - how often

Hello everyone!
I began using Fitday on February 9. I have only weighed my sef twice since beginning - usually in the evening before going to bed. I have been VERY careful in documenting all food intake to monitor my calories and fat - and all of the activities each day (right down to showering, dressing and grooming!). However, I weighed myself last night and the scale said I still weighed the same as the day I began - yet 4 days into monitoring it declared I had lost a pound. Then this morning, I weighed myself in only my underclothing first thing. The scale read 5 pounds less than the first day I weighed to begin. I realize that your clothing, eating and drinking all day, etc.. can cause fluctuations in your readings on the scale. My question is - what time of day would you recommend weighing in - and how often would you feel is often enough? I do not want to obsess and weigh daily; but, I am on a time line to lose at least 30 pounds before my husbands high school reunion the first part of July. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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