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Default Excited!

Ok so i havent been on for a while now but I have kept up with my routine.

I have been drinking protein shakes for breakfast and dinner and for lunch I try to have a lot of veggies and fruit.
I must say I have been slacking on the weekends though and have caved in on times>

For excersice, i have tried to go to the gym and Ive gone a few times, the only problem is that where I live we've been getting a lot of snow and its been difficult, but my sister bought a game for our WII called Dance Dance Revolution, and I've been playing that A LOT! its really fun because in my head im playing but im also working up a sweat without noticing so i play longer.

My success: its been about 6-7 weeks since I first logged on to FitDay and decided to start a lifestyle change and today when I got on the scale I've lost 10lbs!! im so excited I have about 45 more lbs to go but I am more motivated than before and really excited.

To be honest I really dont feel like I look any different, some friends have told me they can see it in my face (thats where I mostly show my weight) but the real proof for me is that my clothes are feeling different looser!!

cant wait for summer and getting a whole new wardrobre and putting on a swim suit for the first time in over 7 years!
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