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Default Slight Tummy

Hey guys, long time reader first time poster.

So I guess I'll start with a quick self-intro.
Found this site sometime late last summer through a reference from the book The Primal Blueprint (which is how I did my diet in the earlier stages of training but have since modified somewhat for my own fitness purposes). Since then, through my own training circuit, I've lost slightly under 60 pounds. It's been enjoyable watching the weight bar on the webpage go from obese to healthy weight. I literally can not remember a point in my life when I was in this good shape.

Anyway, here's the thing. At this point I'm starting to actually see some definition to my abs. I'm quite happy as I've been working towards this goal for quite some time. However, I still have the tiniest bit of loose flab hanging off my lower abs section. Now, maybe it's just me, but I would think all flab would be gone from your stomach area before you start to see ab definition.

I'm just curious what other people's thoughts/comments/etc. are on this subject?
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