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hi mtlgirl!
I'm so sorry for your loss, i know for me the first year after was the worst. That whole "getting over it" thing, is a bit of a farce. Of course you miss them, you always will. It doesn't really go away, just the intensity of it. Birthdays, Father's day and things like that are hard. I gained a lot of weight after he passed, because I just kind of fell apart. Working out would have been a lot more helpful. I think you're doing awesome.

My Dad had something he used to say to me when I would say(usually whining) I didn't want to do something. It was, "Do it Anyways".
I have an anxiety disorder that hit rock bottom after he died, so my husband got it engraved on a keychain for me. I was one of those people that at one point could barely leave the house. I could barely even stand having people over. Just the last couple years have I joined the land of the living again. When I need that push, I look at that keychain and it makes me smile. Some point I want to join a fitness class, kick two challenges with one stone

I'm in Ontario in the greater Toronto area (yeah I know, thats a big area, lol).

Hope you have an amazing day too, and thank you for the welcome!
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