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My doc put me on something like paleo something like six weeks ago.
I bought the Primal Blueprint book and read it (too fast) on my Kindle.
Unfortunately, it is too hard to read a book like this electronically and I don't know how to bookmark, I missed some things. But from what I looks GOOD: low carb, eat good quality meat, no sugar, no grains and I'm not sure...but I think limited dairy.
Bottom line...I have cut out sugar, grains and to a large extent dairy. I eat lean meat and a lot of vegetables.
I drink 50/50 coffee and love it! Personally, I think it tastes better than full strength coffee.
I usually drink it with Coconut Milk, but sometimes (not often) have 1/2 and 1/2 as a special treat. The only other diary I have once in a blue moon is Feta Cheese (normally made from Goat's milk actually)
I am losing inches and actual weight regularly after not having ANY success with traditional weight loss methods for a few years.
The other thing is I'm exercising LESS than I was previously.
My energy level is significantly better.
Years ago, all I had to do was cut calories and exercise more to lose weight. But in recent years, that did NOT work. This (low carb, etc.) is working for me and I'm super duper grateful.
I'm not you have the Primal Blueprint book yet? So glad to read that you are feeling better. This has got to be motivating.
My advice: Stay the course!!!!!
Wishing you much success and happiness!!!!!

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