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Default Looks can be deceiving

So today I went to the doctor for my first physical in about 10 years and thankfully all went perfect........except when I stepped on the scale, thats when the doctors jaw hit the ground lol.

I'm 5'10 and weigh 250lbs on the dot, yet everyone thinks I weigh 200 including the doctors lol. Whenever I ask someone what they think I weigh I get the exact same answer...........200-210, then when I tell them I weigh 250 they fight with me lol, there have been times when I had to prove to them what my weight is.

Today at the doctors I had to get weighed 3 times because he did not believe that I could weigh 250lbs. Now I'm not a body builder or anything.........hell I have a rather big gut and some man boobs, but I am rather solid under the fat. I have little to no body fat on my calves, upper back and arms, my pant size is a 38.

The only reason why I have decided to lose some weight is because I want to drop a few shit sizes and get back to a size 36. I used to play semi pro baseball after high school and was in really good shape, until I blew my knee out.

The thing that bothered me was when the doctor said that I had to get my weight down to 180lbs because I'm extremely over weight, which I fought with him about.

I have no desire to get down to 180lbs............hell I have never been south of 200, even when I played ball, yet this doctor is telling me I HAVE to get down to 180. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I can still run 4 miles, run up 12 flights of stairs and barely be winded, my cholesterol is perfect as is my blood pressure, and the blood tests came back perfect. Yes I have a gut from hell and man boobs about the size of a young girls lol, yet I feel fantastic.

Am in the wrong here for being kind of pissy about what the doctor said? I dont think he is taking into account muscle mass or anything of that nature..........hell I can still bench 255lbs lol.
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