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Originally Posted by MunaAmin View Post
First real vegan here welcome. Your all or nothing attitude is great. All people should be vegans, studies show that this would eliminate world hunger.
I would love to be vegan for all the good reasons. Unfortunately, as a mother of family of five, I only have a limited budget, and things like soya milk are twice as expensive than dairy. I am making small inconspicuous steps, swapping staple by staple for vegan alternative and teaching our family not to waste anything. We will probably never reach 100% veganism, but if we get anywhere near it, I will be happy.
I was reading in a vegan website the debate on this matter. While they all agree that it would be preferable if everyone is 100% vegan, they were thinking it was short sighted to put it into an all or nothing situation. Being less reliant on animal food sources is still better than scaring people off altogether.
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