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Default I think I'm going crazy already...

Ok so maybe I'm having a day 1 crazy moment, but does or has any one just looked at their food log see that their under their calorie limit and think to themselves hey I have room to spare what can I eat and get away with it? It doesn't help that I'm a little stressed right now cause it's the kids bedtimes and my daughter God Bless her little soul will not stay in her bed! So anyway I have like 200 calories left in my day and am sitting here thinking what can I eat? Not that I really think that I'm hungry, I know I didn't make the healthiest food choices today but today was an eat what's in the house day, cause the paychecks not here yet kind of day. Anyway anyone else crazy like me? oh yeah and I quit diet Pepsi cold turkey today. No caffeine at all today! Add that to the mix! HELP!!!!!!!!!
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